filling the empty page

first blog post. holy intimidating.

Let me start by explaining my why. Why start this holy intimidating blog that requires more work in my already full schedule? I feel the need to share. Through my journey of growing my boutique community- I’ve been able to experience so many different walks of life that intersect in the same park of struggles. The struggles vary greatly. But one thing that I have learned, is the residual anxiety can be crippling. I am not the first, nor the last, to go head to head with anxiety on a regular basis. And by listening to others share their stories, I’ve been moved to share mine. Not the story of where my anxiety came from, but the story of how I stare at anxiety in the face everyday and tell it to F off. You may insert any word beginning with F that you’d like.

Humor will join this journey just like the Tin Man joined Dorothy- a little squeeky but eventually you will get used to it. You might think- well Rachel, what place does humor have when talking about mental health? Oh, well let me just tell you- without humor, this girl would have lost it a long time ago. Humor is my shield that deflects any potential harm. If only humor deflected those really tasty looking cookies out of my view… one could wish.

Now this whole blog won’t be made up of every battle I have with anxiety, because LORD this would be five miles long every day. But it will be snippets of my life. Between the snippets of house hunting, business running, dog owning, wedding planning and all of the adulting that goes with those- there is bound to be something entertaining and  potentially helpful. And well if there isn’t, at least I won’t be left talking to my shadow about it! (For the record, it is REALLY hard to joke and not leave any emojis… come on WordPress- could we get some faces up in here?!)

So for now, I leave you to decide whether or not to subscribe as a follower- while I go decide what game we will be playing in our VIP group for Pi(e) Day Game Night and hope that I don’t end up showering whipped cream out of my hair later. Just another day in the Thrasher household.



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