everyday is a good day

No, I haven’t lost it. Not every day is a good day, some are down right awful. But if you look hard enough, there is good in every single day. I woke up in the morning. I had food to eat breakfast, or at least coffee to drink. I had my two wonderful pups so lovingly barking at me to let them outside to relieve themselves. I had Bryan letting me know he got to work okay and asking how I slept. It may have started as a gloomy… and snowy… day. I may have gotten up earlier than I would have liked to prep all our inventory pictures for album release, but I had the opportunity to be able to do that.

Not so long ago, everyday was really rough. I never saw a silver lining because they were all covered in tarnish that anxiety had left on it. Things were not looking up, but I hadn’t learned the hard lesson yet. The lesson that taught me that I had total control over that. I was choosing to focus on the dingy clouds hovering over me. I eventually learned that the work needed to shine up that silver lining was well worth it. Just by switching that focus to the positive, I didn’t realize I would change my life.

Chatting with a friend today, who I now couldn’t imagine life without, I reflected on how far I’ve come. The lessons I’ve experienced first hand could help her understand what she was experiencing or was about to experience battling anxiety. Talk about a humbling moment. People experience all types of battles- with addiction, mental health, physical health, but we are all one in the same. If you handle the hand you’re dealt with fear of failure, you will run out of money in your pot. You cannot change the hand or ask for a re-deal because you don’t like the cards. You can only make the conscious decision to make something positive out of it. Ironically, I happened to be finishing the first book Bobby Bones, the country music radio host, wrote “Bare Bones”.

“Everyday is a good day” he wrote.

Everyday is a good day to focus on those opportunities and make something good out of them. And as I sit here and write this- exhausted from taking the hundreds of photos we may potentially post tonight that no one will see thanks to crazy Facebook algorithms- I realized today was another good day. I may not have things falling into place with house hunting, but I have the opportunity to really house hunt. We may sell zero items today, but I have the opportunity to run my very own business. I may have a weekend full of baseball ahead of me, but Bryan has the opportunity to coach and changes kids’ lives.

So I have decided that today was a really good day.

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