Patience is not my virtue.

House buying is definitely not for people without patience.

My mother tells me while she was in labor with me, that the doctors told her not to push yet. “Stop pushing Mrs. Thrasher” I imagined they said. “I’m not!” she most likely blurted out frantically. Well since day one, I wait for no one. Especially not for the doctors and nurses- out I came screaming “HELLO WORLD”. And I haven’t learned much patience since.

I am a firm believer in going after something you want at speeds of 1000 miles per hour, only briefly coming to a slow stop to look for the next goal to come barreling after. It’s a blessing and just as equally a curse. I would love to be able to relax and rest up for the next monumental reach ahead, but it’s just not in my DNA.

That’s about how I handled prepping for house hunting. We needed our down payment together and we were already looking at magnificent mansions to purchase (just kidding- far, far from mansions, but in my mind anything was mansion-like compared to our current basement scenario). After a few weeks of nonstop, body battling work, we had the money in the bank. Mission accomplished! We would now find the perfect home and move right in!!! Apparently that is not how this works, as I quickly discovered.

We’ve been within hours to submitting an offer, only to find out one was already accepted and -nope- it wasn’t ours. We have gone as far to have a settlement date, then things were too risky for us to continue. At this point, we have looked at the same dwindling list of houses now for a couple weeks. I am exhausted.

Exhausted from being patient. We must wait for spring to show it’s beautiful self and for schools to end for more listings to show up. Did I mention patience was not in my DNA? I spend hours locked away in my mind thinking about packing my things up in neatly labeled boxes. Renting a moving truck to take our belongings to a new castle. Having our very first boutique open house in our very own space! But then patience and reality come barreling in, steam rolling my excitement and leaving the ruins as a subtle reminder that- we must be patient.

In the meantime, we will just keep stock piling boxes. Putting money away for our new home and new furniture- even a mattress that doesn’t come from Ikea! If anyone happens to run across my next goal, could you redirect it to me? It’s time to get that steam locomotive moving towards the next destination. And in the meantime, I will look up patience in the dictionary, learn every synonym for the word, and maybe in the process I will learn a little bit about adding it to my skill set.

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  1. Natasha

    Oh, the patience thing is so, so hard…not even becoming a part of a VERY independent-I-can-do-it-myself kid have I learned what it means! I’m not a control freak, I prefer the word enthusiast to freak, but I want things done, then rather than later, and a certain way. I’ve been learning, slowly, to chill. All things come in good time, and I believe your castle is just waiting to find you!

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