midnight fires

I’m not talking about those ones that chase you in your dreams that you can never seem to scream in.

I mean the fire within that rises to the top ready to take over the world while everyone else sleeps.

Funny how that always seems to hit for me in the wee hours of the night, when the last thing I should be doing is getting up to change the world. But here I am.

There are so many things that I’m not totally honest about. That’s due to the fact that I’m not totally honest with myself. The common “oh I’ve got this, it’s just a moment, or a bad day, or a phase” constantly runs through my head on a regular basis. So let’s be completely honest right now- I haven’t had it together the past few weeks. Maybe longer than that, but I’ve thrown in the towel and I’ve just been fooling myself daily. Tonight’s midnight fire is that has to change.

No more doing things out of fear. No more cancelling events. No more doing things half assed just to try to make myself feel better by getting them crossed off the list. I need to get back to myself and unearth that firey soul that still lives within. I need to be healthy again. Do the things that inspire the fire and do them to my fullest extent.

So this is my vow to wake up tomorrow and get to work. No more midnight fires burning out while I slumber. This fire will stay lit through the hardest of rains because I can do this. And you can too.

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