baseball & diamonds

If there was one sport I could live the rest of my life without watching it would for sure be baseball.

But then Bryan came into my life. And for anyone that knows him, he breaths, sleeps and eats baseball. I have now seen more baseball games in the past six years than I have in the previous 23 years and I’m okay with that.

Our story started many moons ago, even before I realized he would be my other half. You see, we met when we were in our awkward years and couldn’t do more than focus on tagging laptops after laptops at our internship. Friendship grew and eventually turned into interest. I was exiting a five year relationship- if you want to call it that. I knew nothing more than starting arguments over persons drinking too much and begging for us just to stay in for once. Bryan peaked my interest, but I wasn’t so sure it was a long term commitment. How could I trust someone yet again? The last thing I wanted to be was disappointed so I placed no pressure on the sparks of this fire.

We talked for a few months before anything became serious. It was here I attended my first baseball games while Coach Bryan led his cousin’s team in the slowest game known to man. I’d pick up the talent of sunflower seed eating and bought him a few too many warm Gatorades. When I brought him his first cold Gatorade, the family knew it was getting real. It wasn’t long before we were Facebook official and spending every Thursday on our date nights- mostly eating at every chain restaurant available because that was as adventurous as Bryan was.

Months had passed before Bryan mentioned wanting to play baseball himself on a men’s league. I put my google skills to the test and searched high and low before I found his first league- I barely missed three games of his couple year career with the Blue Rocks.

During one of the last years with the DC based team, Bryan was invited to coach high school baseball- which of COURSE he quickly accepted. I found my life coming in full circle as I sat at Southern watching Bryan coach his now much taller cousin again. His family became mine, as we spent so many evenings cheering on that kid behind home plate.

We took the next step in our relationship and moved in together, after many many nights of me convincing Bryan we could survive in the same residence together. Obstacles number 4-6 were faced. We each had our own bedroom- not because of religious reasons, but purely because I had gotten used to living alone and Bryan owned a child’s bed that I was sure as heck not squeezing into. I promised Bryan we wouldn’t grow apart from his family and that every Sunday we would hang out with them- to this day every Sunday we go over the house and spend the day watching baseball, eating seeds and sitting down at the kitchen table to all eat dinner together.

To this day, we have spent 312 Thursday date nights (give or take) at many more adventurous restaurants that the ones we used to frequent. We’ve spent the last four December’s on our adventures to Punta Cana. Sprinkle in a few trips to new cities for Lularoe and a few more just for fun. We may have made life look easy, but we played about as hard as we worked.

We’ve gone through as many obstacles as Bryan’s teams have lost games. But each time we step back up to the plate together to face the next pitch and the next inning. It was never easy and still isn’t. You can’t grow your team’s skills and increase your record without putting in work at practices and workouts.

One of the largest obstacles we’ve faced was starting the boutique. I don’t start off calling it OUR boutique for a reason. Bryan said he was onboard for the longest time, but did everything in his power not to be. Things got bad and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to us for a while. I knew I wanted this boutique to be something for me. I spent so much of my life being told I wasn’t good enough and I was determined to prove that otherwise, whether Bryan was on my team or not. Our communication skills grew and we finally came to the common understanding that this business meant more to me than extra income. From that point on, it’s been OUR business. Our goals, our successes and our failures.

It took us two months to achieve our first goal together, which got us to where I sit right now- on our front porch in our rocking chairs watching Bentley lay on the floor with his head underneath the railings just hanging his head off the edge of the porch (he is a strange dog). All while Bryan is off playing a double header an hour away. We wanted to be home owners and refused to stop until our finances were in the order they needed to be. Two months and our down payment was in the bank. Three months and we signed about 45 million pages of our very first home purchase. Another month of tirelessly ripping up flooring, painting and making this house our own. Two months of waking up every morning with our own roof over our heads all because of our teamwork.

I think back to the days of endless hours at the fields, the dirt in my car, the seed shells in the laundry and that stench that came from the cleats Bryan always felt the need to leave in the trunk… and I wouldn’t change a thing. I will spend the rest of my life scrubbing white baseball pants clean and probably will buy a million more bags of Jumbo seeds and I’m perfectly happy with that.

I always wondered what people felt when they found that one person that was meant to be in their life forever. For me, it means still hating the game of baseball, but enjoying sitting there for 3 hours while the love of my life stands in the outfield waiting for just one ball to fly out there and hoping I’m paying attention to watch him catch it. It means supporting each others dreams and picking up the slack when needed. And it means always having that person there whether you have the best game of your life or the worst.

In just over a year, I will stand on a home plate and vow to watch baseball with him for the rest of my life. And I’m perfectly okay with that.

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