Morning Sunshine is different than afternoon sunshine

Morning sunshine holds new promises, new beginnings, clean slates and all of the motivation. Afternoon is a whole different story.

I should just set up my front porch as my office at this point because it’s where most of my posts are written. There’s something about the fresh air and nature’s music that unlocks the strings of analogies to flow from my inner brain. Today, I’m sitting in the warm sun rays roasting me while the air is crisp and chilly, like an apple stored in the fridge. It got me thinking, morning sunlight is unlike any other aspect of nature. It’s so pure and unaltered by the triumphs or failures of the day to follow. It’s completely opposite of the coming afternoon sun.

The afternoon sun beams down with disappointment and judgement. Leaves you basking in every item on your to do list you haven’t gotten done. It throws scowls at you that you should be up and doing something instead of soaking up the rays. Mocking every second that you’ve wasted on an attempt to enjoy the quiet. Afternoon sun is like the aunt that sits back and waits for you to miss your opportunity, then pounces like a lion- asking you every question about yourself as if you didn’t already ask them yourself. Like the age old question: “when are you having kids? The internal clock is counting down!” Aunt Afternoon Sun refuses to get off your back.

Morning, on the other hand, graces you with it’s presence. Like a mother’s touch when you aren’t feeling well, it’s there just to make you feel loved. This sun glued all the broken pieces back together and encourages you to make the day yours. With each ray that lands on your feet, it’s whispering inspirational messages. It’s clean, refreshing, energizing. There’s no judgement about what you haven’t done yet. No mocking about the minutes you spend soaking it all in. You have the whole day ahead of you. Morning sun should be a requirement. What a world it would be if we could wake up everyday to the sun flowing into our bedroom windows, dancing off the crystal hanging creating dancing rainbow fairies across your room. Morning sun is that magical.

Too often enough, we don’t pause our lives to enjoy things like morning sun or the twilight sky. Life zooms by, we’re juggling our coffee, laptop and keys as we run out the door late for work, cursing the morning sun for being so bright on our drive to work because we’re too short for the sun visor in our car to be helpful. Pause today. Go outside and just sit. Feel every aspect that nature has gifted us today. And instead of thinking about the afternoon sun that is to come, just enjoy the morning one.

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