Chosen Family

Friends are the family you choose. They choose you and you choose them- it’s the perfect mutual agreement- if it’s true.

A true friend chooses to be there through life’s toughest spots. They choose to spend their valuable time with you. They choose to let you into their lives and hearts, even at 2 AM. And you reciprocate that. Through all of the world’s chaos, in friendship- two people are choosing love. True friendship is based on truth. Being honest and vulnerable with someone that could chose to use the truth to ignite the TNT of your life, but instead they lead you further away from harm. Not when its convenient for them, but when its needed. Basically, friendship is all based upon the free will to choose.

I have the tendency to recognize all acquaintances as true friends. Identifying everyone as a true friend, opens the door for unfair expectations for both parties. I expect everyone to return the same amount of love. I expect everyone to willingly serve my needs in them. I expect them to identify when I even have a need. That’s just a setup for failure. Not every acquaintance is meant to be a true friend. I’ve slowly started to evaluate relationships in my life for service. Do I have a cup to fill in their life? Do they have a cup to fill in mine? If there are no cups to fill, I’m learning that its okay. I don’t have to scrounge around to find a superficial cup for them to fill. I am learning to spend that effort on my true friendships.

There are so many journeys that happen through life that are treacherous, difficult to climb, and even harder to get down from. Think of all those moments in your life where the weight was crushing- now look at what’s surrounding you in those moments- friends by chance? Too often, we are deadly focused on ourselves and completing the journey through the obstacle in one piece, but the more focused you are on your pain and struggle- the more consuming it is. All of a sudden, you can’t tell up from down and the exit is no where to be found. That’s where friendship is the hero- a shining exit sign in the darkness. That person takes baby steps with you, out of the consuming darkness, let’s you walk at your speed and does whatever is in their power to lend you their strength.

Possibly in unpopular belief, I don’t think any one friendship is any more important than the next. If the relationship is deep and true, based on more than just commonalities- it serves a purpose. There’s that word again: purpose. Just like Lularoe served a purpose in my life, each friend is gifted to serve a specific purpose in my life as I serve a specific purpose in theirs. I have found friends, true friends, through my Lularoe chapter. Those friends began as customers and grew past a commonality based on women’s fashion. I’m looking forward to serving my purpose with you. I look forward to connecting on a playing field that will deepen our relationships. I look forward to gaining new friendships through my next chapter. Through these friendships, my cup fills to the point of overflow. And unlike the bad fortune of an overflowing tub, this overflow brings good fortune. It is what will make the widest impact on the most people. It only takes one ice cube square to overflow to fill the rest of the tray. By being a friend, you are serving more than just yourself. More than just me. You are spreading a fire that will eat hate and pain for breakfast and then snack on anxiety and depression before dinner.

Take a moment to acknowledge your true friendships today. Then take a moment to strengthen one. Because we are no stronger, than our strongest friend.

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