Blue Heaven

There’s nothing like vacation on our favorite beach.

As I sit on our balcony taking in the view of Dominica Republic’s beautiful beach line, I can’t help but relax and contemplate the vast deep blue expanse in front of me. There’s something so amazing about the powerful sea. Every wave that rolls in is relatable. It speaks to me like a grandmother whispering words of wisdom.

Living with a generalized anxiety disorder is like living within the crashing waves of the strong ocean. Life is as beautiful as this tropical island, but when your living in the sea of dread- you dread every approaching wave. It could be the best wave you’ve ever ridden, but it’s the possibility of impending doom that leaves your muscles tense. Will this be the wave that takes you down? Will it have the torrential strength to pull you back to sea with it?

Being here reminds me that, like the sea- I am strong. Just like the sea controls the land, so I control my life- who is a part of it and what I’m willing to deal with. The ocean is always there, always rolling with waves- full of life. So today I choose to be like the sea- strong and full of life.

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