Lyrics that I couldn’t write

Finding someone or something that speaks your own story is powerful.

Especially when you grew up not knowing things weren’t okay. Not understanding why you had anxiety or why panic attacks suddenly became something else to worry about. As age came, so did that knowledge and accompanying it was a sense of being lost. Sometimes it’s extremely difficult to put into words how I feel towards the whole situation. It isn’t anger anymore though, which I’m thankful that I’ve found the strength to move past. Then you hear it in someone’s voice. It’s not just the words, but the all too familiar pain behind them. You don’t need to know the specific details behind them, because I know my own. The pain that turns into empathy, for someone who couldn’t be what they wanted to be. Demi Lovato has a song called “Father” that sang the words I couldn’t find.

“You did your best, or did you? Sometimes I think I hate you. I’m sorry, dad, for feeling this. I can’t believe I’m saying this. I know you were a troubled man. I know you never got the chance to be yourself, to be your best. I hope that Heaven’s given you a second chance.”

Heaven’s given me a second chance- to not live my life in anger or guilt. I understand things weren’t my fault. I empathize that you too may have had your own monsters you were battling. I know those monsters put up one heck of a fight. But I hope you know it’s never too late to find yourself and the strength to fight back against those demons. I hope you know it’s never too late to be your best. Has heaven given you a second chance?

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