Fairy Godmother

You are looking at a first time fairy godmother here! I don’t have words and yet I’m overflowing with them at the same time.

My nearly life long friends are having their first baby. I’m so full of happiness for them. I didn’t think I could be any happier until tonight! I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a real life godmother to this precious little baby boy that will make his arrival in May. Words can’t even describe how honored I feel. So I want to write a vow of godmother- goals if you will to be best that I can be.

I vow to love every little bone in your body as they grow big and strong.

I vow to remind you always of your worth in this world no matter how heavy life may get.

I vow to always set a good example of serving others.

I vow to help guide you in your journey with loving your faith and God.

I vow to celebrate every victory with you no matter the size.

I vow to encourage you to strengthen your relationships with people that bring you joy.

I vow to be your cheerleader through any task you face.

I vow to teach you to recognize your own strengths and strengthen your weaknesses.

I vow to never let you forget how much love surrounds you.

I vow to support your dreams and goals.

I vow to love your parents unconditionally for our whole lives and show you what true friendship can mean.

I vow to take this responsibility with my full heart and soul.

Being a godmother can mean so many different things to people. But for me, it’s a much larger purpose than just caring for myself. This purpose sparks a deep bright fire within me to push through any battles that may come my way and succeed. It’s a new light in the darkness that I couldn’t be more grateful for.

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