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Snagged Leggings.

My story needed Lularoe. My business with the company is responsible for so many chapters of my life. Personal growth, experience growth, and let’s be honest- so much social growth. I learned to challenge my anxieties and not accept the darkness. The business made me dust off my emotions and spread them around like I was watering a garden- well, that’s basically what I was doing.


Instagram means Instaglam, right?!

Instagram account created. Great! I’m already winning at life- I’ll instantly find old friends on here and connect with them! Social anxiety is no more when I have a screen between us! Even the ones that I haven’t actually spoken to in 12 years… yeah, I’ll add those in too. It’s all about the numbers in this game.

Ink of My Life

Want to know what’s important to me? Just look at my arm, my shoulder and my feet. Each piece of artwork painfully adorned on my body tells the world a secret. It’s been my way to tell the world about my struggles and my fears without whispering a word. Every time someone compliments my arm…

A letter to my friends.

This applies to you if any of these things make sense. Even if they don’t make sense, they probably still apply to you. I don’t have millions of friends. It’s a very large internal brawl for me to really have the few I have. Getting to know each other, having our first (or ninth) fights,…

home is a sacred space.

If I open the door for you, you better know that it’s the highest honor I could bestow upon you and your court. Suffering from anxiety and facing the daily battles that brings, leaves you empty and powerless and in desperate need of a recharge. To recharge, the space must be freeing, under your control…

My routines have routines

Routine. Noun. A sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program. (Right from the good old dictionary) Imagine you are starting the process of baking a cake. Maybe your mom has a big birthday coming up or one of your little one’s is celebrating their first, whether it’s a chocolate cake or Funfetti flavor- just…