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Vacation Eve Panic

Here’s what I’m doing this year to combat the panic and accept that I will not have control of it all

Chosen Family

A true friend chooses to be there through life’s toughest spots. They choose to spend their valuable time with you. They choose to let you into their lives and hearts, even at 2 AM. And you reciprocate that. Through all of the world’s chaos, in friendship- two people are choosing love.

Snagged Leggings.

My story needed Lularoe. My business with the company is responsible for so many chapters of my life. Personal growth, experience growth, and let’s be honest- so much social growth. I learned to challenge my anxieties and not accept the darkness. The business made me dust off my emotions and spread them around like I was watering a garden- well, that’s basically what I was doing.

Morning Sunshine is different than afternoon sunshine

Morning sunshine holds new promises, new beginnings, clean slates and all of the motivation. Afternoon is a whole different story. I should just set up my front porch as my office at this point because it’s where most of my posts are written. There’s something about the fresh air and nature’s music that unlocks the…

Instagram means Instaglam, right?!

Instagram account created. Great! I’m already winning at life- I’ll instantly find old friends on here and connect with them! Social anxiety is no more when I have a screen between us! Even the ones that I haven’t actually spoken to in 12 years… yeah, I’ll add those in too. It’s all about the numbers in this game.